VIII concorso internazionale di cortometraggio
Bando 2013


Art. 1 - opening of the selection announcement 2013

Caffè Moak S.p.A., in cooperation with Archinet, calls the 8th edition of Caffè Corto Moak, the international short-film contest, for the year 2013.

Art. 2 - screening dates, places and times

The price-giving evening will be held on October 5th 2013 at 7 pm in the Moak office district. The organization may provide a press screening of the short-films in dates preceding the event, in agreement with the authors.

Screening dates, places and times can be changed by Caffè Corto Moak Organization without notice, with the exception of giving notice to the persons concerned. 

Art. 3 - selection

The new selection of Caffè Corto Moak is addressed to all fictional, documentary, animated, video art short-film authors with particular reference to short-films with strong narrative impact referring to coffee in its wider sense (plant, coffee bean, beverage, meeting place, etc.). The presence of coffee in the plot, even if fleeting in tense, has to be functional for the narration’s development, or it shall be excluded from the competition.

All sent short-films will be stored in the Caffè Corto Moak film library.

The presented short-films at the competition have to fulfil the following conditions:

  • created after January 1st, 2011;
  • DVD/PAL or Blue-ray/PAL support;
  • maximum running time 15 minutes;
  • minimum resolution 720x576;
  • ideal resolution HD.

It can be created into any language, including dialects. If not made in Italian, Italian subtitles have to be provided though.

Each author can only hand in one short-film.

Each production or distribution house can take part with more than one work. The delivered material will not be given back, even if excluded.

A panel of judges, appointed by the competition’s organization, at its incontestable discretion, will choose the works that are going to compete in the prizes.

Should a short-film be chosen for the competition, the organization will contact the author (or those who hold the short-film rights).

As soon as the author (or those who hold the short-film rights) accepts Caffè Corto Moak’s official invitation, he/she commits himself/herself not to withdraw the short-film from the competition.

In view of the international vocation of the competition and the opportunity to screen the chosen short-films in several countries worldwide, English subtitles selectable from the menu are welcome, but not compulsory for the works done in a different language than English. This subtitling has to be paid by the author (or those who hold the short-film rights).

Art. 4 - responsibilities of the author

The author (or those who hold the short-film rights) is responsible for the contents of the delivered work and declares to have discharged all copyrights towards third parties. Moreover, he/she grants plain authorization of use of the same.

Furthermore, the author (or those who hold the short-film rights) takes charge of the truth of the contained data, which will be used on Caffè Corto Moak advertising and communication material in case of selection.

Art. 5 - participation and shipping instructions of the material

Participation at Caffè Corto Moak is free and implies the acceptance of the present selection announcement. The registration form is available online on and has to be filled in online and forwarded within June 10th July 22nd, 2013.

The material can be sent with two different methods, in order to take part in the VIII Caffè Corto Moak edition.

  • Send through wetransfer to the address The registration code of the competition has to be specified in the attached file; the e-mail address has to be the same as the one used at registration.
  • Send a copy of the short-film in DVD or Blue-ray per mail, including the registration code; sending posters, pictures and press book in printed copy or DVD support is optional. Postage charges of the short-film areto be paid by the author (or those who hold the short-film rights).

The requested documents have to be sent to the following address:

VIII Caffè Moak 2013
International Short-film Contest
C/O Archinet S.r.l.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 419
97013 Comiso (Ragusa)

Date as postmarked.

For customs purposes, shipments coming from abroad need to include the following information on the envelope: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE – FOR CULTURAL USE ONLY”.
As for the short-films chosen by the panel, a short video (max length 5’) including a short presentation of the short-film made by the author is required; this has to be sent via wetransfer at
The e-mail address has to be the same as the one used at registration.

Art. 6 - exclusion

Industrial and advertising videos or videos that contain advertisements are excluded from the competition.

Art. 7 - awards

The chosen short-films compete for the following prizes:

  • Best short-film: € 2.500,00;
  • Best direction: € 1.000,00;
  • Best script: € 500,00.

The above mentioned prizes are awarded by the panel, on its unchallengeable judgment.

On the occasion of the prize-giving evening, the chosen short-films will be shown. The chosen short-films could be published, unless in case of declared prohibition from the authors’ side (or those who hold the short-film rights), on the International Caffè Corto Moak website as well as on other video-sharing platforms (facebook, vimeo, youtube, etc.).

The chosen authors shall attend the prize-giving evening and personally collect the possible prize. Transfer, room and board of the finalists are at the expense of the Organization.

Art. 8 - panel

The names of the panel of judges of the VIII Caffè Corto Moak competition will be published before deadline of the announcement. 

Art. 9 - information about the present selection announcement

For any information or further clarification regarding the present selection announcement please contact the organizational secretary: 

Archinet S.r.l.
corso Vittorio Emanuele, 419 - 97013 Comiso (RG)
tel. +39 0932 963866 - cell. +39 393 0965902
fax +39 0932 515653

Art. 10 - jurisdictional competences

The Caffè Corto Moak organization reserves the right to modify the present selection announcement.

Participation at Caffè Corto Moak implies the acceptance of the present selection announcement. According to the provisions of law 196/2003 it is informed that personal data of the participants are used for competition purpose only. For any other aspect that has not been provided in the present selection announcement the current laws apply.

The Caffè Corto Moak organization denies any liability in case of wrong or missed delivery of the application forms due to sending by any means and for any reason.

In extreme cases, the Caffè Corto Moak organization reserves the right to break up, abolish, defer the event or modify the present selection announcement at any time consequently to the managing needs of the same. No damage of any kind will be recognized to the participants due to the mentioned possibilities.

The court of Ragusa is the competent authority to turn to for any legal controversy.

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